Classic Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes

Gone are the days of people wanting big, extravagant homes. Now, people are more interested in downsizing to smaller homes that require less upkeep and give them more money to do things they love. Although the home is smaller than average homes, homeowners do not need to sacrifice style and design. Here are some great, […]

How to Make Your Home Elegant and Environmentally Friendly

Green living is more than a fad. It is a conscious way of existing that more and more people are embracing every day. For those who have been researching and implementing environmentally friendly elements to their homes for years, green living is essentially second nature to them. But for those who are in the process […]

Barkitecture Austin 2017

As many of you know Urbane Design loves Barkitecture!  We are excited to have teamed up with Pretty Kennels once again as “Barkitects” and have already completed our one of a kind creation.  We hope you join us and all of the other amazing local architects, designers and builders to check out all of the […]

Greener Homes and Offices

Green building and design are both becoming increasingly important to nearly every home and business today. Between the energy savings, the healthier environment to live and work in, and the environmental impact, there’s a lot of positive benefits to going green. Many commercial offices have already begun making the switch to more eco-friendly materials; now […]

10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Drab Kitchen

1. Paint. Choosing a lighter color for dark, outdated kitchen cabinets will instantly brighten a space and also make it appear larger in size. Light colors also reflect light and is great camoflage for scratches, dings and dents in old cabinetry. 2. Replace Cabinet Doors. That’s right- keep the cabinet box and replace the doors! […]

2014 Design Trends

As with fashion, home décor looks come and go. We are highlighting our top ten predictions for 2014 interior design trends. 1. Painted Cabinetry Painted cabinetry was hot in 2013 and will remain strong in 2014. From crisp white to rich jewel tones; kitchens will be finished with elaborate custom cabinetry, adorned with luminous brass […]

10 Ways to Enhance a Foyer

A foyer or entryway is the entrance to your home.  This area of the home is often neglected and considered to act solely as a pass through space.  Careful design and decoration of the foyer is essential, as it gives your guests their first impressions about your home…and we all know that first impressions last […]

Shop Urbane Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online store at  This significant milestone fully rounds out Urbane Design.  We can now provide you with a one-stop solution to all of your home good needs.  With 24 hour access, our goal is to make better use of your time and keep you […]

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity A Letter To Our Clients We are proud to announce that we are changing our business name from Designer Showcase to Urbane Design. A step ahead of our growing market; we wanted an up-to-date brand which would reflect our innovative and chic design style, but most importantly one […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning not only means giving your home a deep cleaning but de-cluttering and organizing your space to welcome the warmer seasons ahead. Relieve your senses and reinvigorate your space with these simple tips. Focus Focus on one room/space at a time. Don’t stop until one room is finished. Make sure everything has a place […]

Freshen Up with Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give a room a fresh new look is by painting the walls.  Choose hues that appeal to you!  If you are considering selling your home, stick to neutrals, such as white, ivory, beige or soft classic hues with great appeal, such as light grey-blue, tan or […]

Six Quick Tips for Decorating On a Budget

Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars decorating your home?  It is possible to repurpose existing furnishings and update your interior with a few simple decorating tips!  Followed, are six specifics that should be given a lot of thought and attention in order to achieve remarkable results! 1.  Organization and De- clutter!  So […]

The Art of Display

Decorating Built-Ins does not have to be a daunting task, nor does it have to be bland and boring!  Transform ordinary bookcases and wall shelves into spectacular, showroom quality displays, with a few quick and easy decorating tips!  Keep it simple!  Less is more- a basic design concept that safeguards carefully chosen items will have […]

Elegant Holiday Banister Decor

Party decorations can cost a fortune and may not be used on multiple occasions; my friend Rose Mary revised instructions taken from a magazine and created this elegant Halloween themed banister cover.  This same idea can be used to create a holiday banister as well!  Quick tip:  Leave your banister cover up for multiple holidays.  […]

DIY- Faux-ing Furniture

Out of sheer boredom and the desire for change- I decided to faux paint my kitchen island late Sunday night; luckily I had everything I needed to get started in my collection of paints!  I saved hundreds of dollars choosing to do the job myself vs. hiring a faux painter and it was simple to […]