Releases Paint and Color Trends Report 2023 Releases Paint and Color Trends Report 2023

December 1, 2022 

The past couple of years have seen home design center around serenity and nature, but 2023 is bringing color back. Color can evoke a wide range of experiences, which is why it’s such a huge part of interior design. It allows people to express their personalities throughout their homes and create a unique ambience for each and every space. From neutrals with pops of color to botanical patterned wallpaper, 2023 is the year for cheerful, eclectic and dramatic styles  which come to life, whilst not completely losing the calming influence of warm neutrals. 

Urbane Design contributed to the findings of’s Paint and Color 2023 trends report by participating in a survey along with fellow leading experts in the interior design industry. By combining their knowledge and expertise on the latest trends, homeowners and designers get an insight into how to get the best out of home design, and the top ways to stay on-trend going forward. 

Some of the key findings from the report are:

  • 58% of experts say neutrals with pops of bold color will be the most popular color palette.
  • Earthy tones and warm neutrals will continue to trend in 2023.
  • Terracotta will be the most sought-after interior color, according to 50% of designers.
  • Wallpaper will be an even bigger trend in 2023, say 63% of experts. 
  • 52% of interior designers believe botanical is set to be the number one wallpaper pattern.
  • Painting a whole room remains the top way to introduce color, according to 57%. 
  • For selling a home, 82% of experts recommend warm neutrals for interiors, and 74% agree on white for exteriors

Access to full report: Paint and Color Trends Report 2023


The results featured in this report were taken from a questionnaire which was sent to 203 top experts in the interior design industry, of which there was a 31% response rate. Respondents were asked a mix of multiple-choice and open questions. Some questions allowed for more than one choice as a response. All percentages shown have been rounded to the nearest whole number. 

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