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Hiring an interior designer is a big decision. Check out some of the questions we are asked most frequently, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question that is not listed here.

At Urbane Design we live and breathe design, so it’s natural that we like to talk about it. On our 'Design Notes' a.k.a blog, we share professional design advice, daily inspirations, DIY projects, Feng Shui tips and more. We believe the best things in life can be achieved through interior design.

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Trending Interior Remodeling Projects for 2021 That Increase Value

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home soon, or you’re simply looking to improve your home to fit your family’s lifestyle and needs, there are simple trending remodeling projects that can easily increase the value of your home. Continue reading for inspiration to start your next home remodeling project! 1. Modern High-Contrast Bathroom Decor  Interior […]

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Complete These Tasks To Sell Your Home Quickly

Interior Design by Urbane Design The goal of every home seller is to complete a rapid sale and receive a great price for the house. Buyers today want move-in-ready properties that currently have the features they are looking for. If you leave repair projects unfinished, you can expect a lower offer for your dwelling and […]

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Psychological Effects of Color in Interior Design

Interior Design by Urbane Design Do you know that colors affect how you feel? Some colors can make you feel relaxed, tensed, happy, sad, energized, or calm. Although the concept of colors may sound straightforward and simple, there are some intricacies in it. That is why we have the interior design niche. Here, you can […]

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Stunning Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the essential rooms in a house. It is the room where you get the honor of displaying your decor, entertain your guests, and have time together as a family. It is the place where most families will spend most of their quality time after the kitchen. The décor in […]


The Interior Design Project Management Triangle

There is a project management framework called The Triple Constraint, Project Management Triangle or Iron Triangle that states that all projects contain three constraints: time, scope and cost. You can prioritize two, and any time a change is posed to one of the chosen elements, something else must change. For example, if you want your […]

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7 Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Renovation Projects for Your Home

Living in an environmentally friendly, sustainable lifestyle is a primary concern in 2021, with real estate at the heart of this movement. Nonetheless, while people realize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, few have an understanding of how to effectively renovate to achieve this goal. If you are struggling along these lines, the following […]

We take a simple approach to design, focusing on functionality first with beautiful aesthetics following closely behind. We work with you to design the space of your dreams that suits all of your needs—within your budget and your time frame. Whether you are looking to reconfigure the layout of your entire home, convert an unused bedroom into a theater room or select furniture and accessories, we can help you realize the full potential of your home. Finally, our extensive portfolio displays a broad range of lush, sophisticated and dramatic interiors that are all unique to the individual who hired us. See what others have to say about Urbane Design.

We are glad you asked. Check out this article we wrote to learn everything you should know about working with an interior designer for the first time.

Your home is a major investment, and the way you design it not only benefits your life and state-of-mind, but it can lead to higher returns on the home should you ever decide to sell it in the future. An interior designer will advise you on the best use of your budget, guide you through the design process for a higher standard of living and longer lasting design, scale your design choices appropriately through each room, and most importantly, design a home that is completely unique to your lifestyle.

You should hire a degreed interior designer for the same reason that you hire educated professionals in other areas of your life—such as attorneys, financial advisors and nutritionists. We are experts in our field and have dedicated our own time and money in honing our craft. Your home is a major investment, and mistakes and poor time management can be incredibly costly. You can avoid those expensive mistakes by hiring the best of the best upfront.

Decorators primarily deal with colors, finishes and furniture for residential properties. Most decorators work individually, and their hourly fees vary widely.

Interior designers have the necessary education, experience and affiliations with professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers. They are experts in building codes and city permits, and usually have their own network of industry-standard general contractors. Interior designers can also read architectural plans and prepare construction documents for sub-contractors, allowing them to take your project from start to finish, even if you’re building your home from scratch.

We are asked this question all the time. We design our clients’ homes around their unique personalities, habits and lifestyles. Read our Approach page to learn about every step of the process.

Urbane Design can be retained at an hourly rate. For the cost of our services, are not only gaining the expertise of the entire Urbane Design staff—you gain access to their team of industry-best general contractors. Together, these two teams make sure your project is executed seamlessly. Contact us to learn more about our rates and schedule your design consultation. 

Yes. The initial consultation is crucial for the success of a project, and a two hour in-home visit is required (or if the home isn’t built yet, an in-office visit is required). During this time, you will discus your project’s budget, goals and needs with us.

Contact us to schedule your design consultation. 

The duration of design varies from project to project to depends greatly on your budget and scope of work. For a general overview, visit our Approach page.

In most cases, an interior designer will concentrate on the internal configuration and decoration of your home. Any external additions—such as a loft conversion or additional room—usually require the expertise of an architect. We work closely with structural engineers and architects and can advise you on the required services and personnel for your project.

Our projects are most successful when we are able to use our own general contractors. We have built strong relationships with them over the years, and with those relationships come a high level of trust and communication that keep the project running efficiently and without errors. Therefore, we prefer to only use our network of contractors.

It is definitely possible to achieve a new look with the items you already have. If you want to keep your heirloom pieces or reupholster existing furniture, we can help. We will guide you through space planning to change the focal point in your room or alter the wall and trim colors for a revived ambiance. 

Different styles within the household are expected, and there are many ways we can assist you both. We can create a look that either blends your two styles or design multiple areas using different styles based on the function of the room. (I.e. a gentleman’s room or game room may reflect one partner’s taste, while the master bedroom may sway more towards the other partner’s taste.)

We sure do! Gift certificates are available for purchase by the hour and are the perfect gift for newlyweds, new homeowners and friends. Get in touch using the contact form today to give the gift of great design.

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