Complete These Tasks To Sell Your Home Quickly

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The goal of every home seller is to complete a rapid sale and receive a great price for the house. Buyers today want move-in-ready properties that currently have the features they are looking for. If you leave repair projects unfinished, you can expect a lower offer for your dwelling and experience a longer wait to get it sold. It’s worth the time and money to make your house the most attractive it can be to home buyers. Here are several projects you can complete to help your property stand out and sell sooner.


Complete Unfinished Maintenance Tasks

Do the necessary home maintenance chores you haven’t completed in the past year. Although often overlooked, if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, gutter cleaning twice a year is crucial in preventing leaks that can cause mold or water damage to your property. No matter where you live, cleaning gutters regularly protects your home from rodents and bees building nests in the debris. It is worth the expense to hire knowledgeable professionals to do the cleaning since they have the tools to do it safely and quickly. As they clear the leaves and litter, these specialists can advise you about any problems needing repair or parts to replace. Search online for “gutter cleaner near me” to be connected with a local pro, and expect to pay up to $197 for an average-size home or around $350 for a larger one.


Update the Kitchen

If you only have the budget for one renovation project, experts agree the kitchen is a good one to complete. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and buyers want an updated area. Replace old appliances with a set of new stainless steel units and put in quartz or granite countertops. If the cabinets look dated but are still in good condition, have them refaced instead of replaced to save money and still give your kitchen the new vibe it needs.

If you have a small remodeling budget, you can still give this space a fresh look:

  • Change the lights to a modern design
  • Switch out the cabinet hardware
  • Refresh the walls with a trendy paint color
  • Fake the appearance of a stone backsplash with peel-and-stick wallpaper
  • Add some fun art to the walls


Paint the Walls a Relaxing Color

Beyond just the kitchen, painting all the rooms gives your whole house a fresh appearance. Neutral colors are always a great choice, but relaxing earth tones of blues and greens are also popular.


Boost the Outdoor Space for Curb Appeal

Whether home buyers check out your house online or in person, the first thing they see is the front exterior. If it is in your budget, hire a professional landscaper to do updates for you. If not, stand at the curb, view your property realistically and take action on any area needing an improvement in curb appeal. Do whatever is necessary to ensure a green lawn, trimmed trees, shaped shrubs and flower beds or pots full of healthy, colorful flowers.

Adding an outdoor living space makes your property popular with home buyers as well. Put in a deck or a patio with comfortable furniture and a firepit, and buyers will envision themselves enjoying an evening of s’mores and stargazing. Foodies love outdoor kitchens and an organic vegetable garden.


Completing these projects makes your house attractive and memorable to buyers. They can often help your home sell more quickly and command a larger asking price. And once you’ve moved into your new property, be sure to contact Urbane Design to help you create a cozy interior completely customized to your taste and style!


Guest Blog written by Suzie Wilson with Happier Home.

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