5 Creative Ways To Add Value To Your Home Before Listing

Listing your home for sale is a big step towards the next part of your life! The best thing you can do for any property is make some small changes and renovations before listing so that you can show others the value you see in your property.

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Below are some creative ways to make your property shine without investing every last cent of your savings to do so. Try a couple of these, and you’ll have a better chance of selling your home faster and for more money.

1. Garage Remodel of a Buyer’s Dreams

Garages are becoming a hot topic in the home interior design sphere. Buyers want a space that they can utilize, not just somewhere to leave their cars and a couple of boxes that should be in storage. 

 To create a better garage, there are a few important steps. Bring in natural light through garage door window inserts so that it no longer feels so shut off from the world. After this, create a workspace by either putting in a work table or building one into the wall. You can hang a pegboard or shelving above it to make this area’s purpose more apparent and allow buyers’ imaginations to run wild.

2. Allow Doorways To Create Grand Entrances

The doorways throughout your home are often the least memorable part of it. These spaces between rooms should have more attention paid to them because they can spark imagination and give people the chance to feel like they’re moving between exciting areas instead of simply walking from a bedroom into a bathroom.

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Hung barn doors are incredibly popular because they look impressive while also saving room since you don’t have to make the layout of space fit around a swinging door. You can also change the shape of doorways! For example, if there’s no door on an entrance to a kitchen or hallway, consider adding an arch to make the space stand out more.  Arched doorways are incredibly popular because of their fun and unique look.

3. Stage Your Home to Look Like A Magazine

Houses that are well-staged often sell faster and for more money than a home that hasn’t been staged. Like you’d be picky about which metal siding colors you would use, be careful about how you decorate the interior of your home.

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Many staging companies will offer you the chance to rent furniture, which is often better than using your own furniture because it’s far less personal. The furniture you rent can fit whatever aesthetic is selling the best in your area and allow you to use your furniture in your new place instead of awkwardly living between two homes while your house is on the market.

 Use staging to show off the best parts of your home and accentuate areas that may have been problems you couldn’t fix. For example, you can use ceiling-to-floor curtains to make a ceiling feel taller and pull all furniture at least six inches away from the walls to encourage a space to feel larger. 

 Perception matters a lot when selling a home, so lean into creating the home of some buyer’s dreams.

4. Getting Creative With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style, with homeowners using large and bold prints in limited portions of their homes to create a statement. If you have walls in your home that you don’t like, you can even wallpaper over paneling to cover it and solve the aesthetic issue.

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Wallpaper can even be used to make a space feel larger, especially when paired with beautiful mirrors and statement art on the wall opposite it. Of course, you can absolutely still use more muted tones if you’re worried about alienating buyers, but leaning into a creative look can encourage the right people to start a bidding war.

5. Allowing the Details of Your Home to Surprise Buyers

Sometimes the best parts of a home are those that mostly go unseen. Details like pocket doors, radiant floor heat insulation, and smart thermostats can increase the value of your house once buyers are informed of them.

Interior Design by Urbane Design 

These perks allow for the home to feel more expensive and more of an investment above anything else. Although you should still put money into creating visual changes that will excite you, these little details can encourage buyers to feel like they’re getting more than just the looks of a home.

You Know The Value of Your Home Better Than Anyone Else

Although you may be told that you’re overvaluing your home or that you don’t understand the market: chances are that you see the possible value of your home better than anyone else. The best way to show others this value is to make it apparent through updates and changes that allow your home’s best features to shine through! Follow some of these tips, and you can increase the property’s perceived value.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value. 


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