Willow Guest Bathroom Remodel

This charming home is located in the historic district of East Austin, Texas and is over 110 years old. While keeping the integrity of much of the original design, our client also wanted to create a colorful and vibrant space that reflected their personal taste. Maintaining and honoring the authentic elements of the room, such as the original hardware, doors, and century-old clawfoot tub, was important to our client when complimenting the originality of this en-suite guest bathroom.

The eye is immediately drawn to the colorful flecks in the marble tile that travels seamlessly from the floor to the wall, creating a wainscotting topped with a smooth marble chair rail. A stunning floral wallpaper on the sink wall was chosen to accentuate the area with cool tones of pink, purple, blue, and natural hues. This is complemented by the brilliant brass mirror positioned above the console sink. Chrome and brass metals were mixed throughout this en-suite to provide depth, interest, and warmth to the room set against the powder blue walls. The elegant porcelain and chrome console sink opens up the room, refusing to obstruct the unique marbled wainscotting that lines the walls.

Refinishing the original clawfoot tub brings the bathroom together with a seductive midnight blue outside finish and chrome hardware that travels up the wall. The original doors to the en-suite were also refinished, polishing the same brass hardware to preserve the charm that has existed over the past century. Vintage accent pieces were sourced to complete this space, incorporating a rich, three-tiered natural wood stand and petit metal dishes sprinkled throughout the en-suite. An amethyst candle fixture highlights the colors in the accent wall, as the curtain wrapped around the clawfoot tub highlights the earthy tones that exist within the room.

Check out the full project here.

Interior Design by Urbane Design

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