A Resource Guide to Help You Get Settled After a Big Move

Whether building a new home or getting your old home to look like new, you can have your dream house with Urbane Design in Austin, TX.

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A Resource Guide to Help You Get Settled After a Big Move

Written by Susie Wilson

Saying goodbye to a home where you’ve lived for years – maybe even decades – is never
easy. However, moving creates a unique opportunity to start fresh and create new memories
in a new home. This move has meant finally owning your dream property. You’ve moved to
the perfect place, and now all you need is to acclimate to the new surroundings.

Handle the Administrative Elements of Moving

Here is a checklist of practical items for your post-move to-do list.

● Determine what utilities you need, such as electric, gas, and water, and set up
contracts with the relevant utility companies in advance.
Find your local DMV and update your address on your license and registration.
● Change your address with the US postal service, ensuring mail from your old home is
properly forwarded.

Upgrade Your New Property to Make It Truly Your Own

Small tweaks can personalize your property and take your new house from good to great.

● Give any interior rooms with peeling paint a fresh coat to make them look like new.
● Deep clean the entire interior from top to bottom.
● Consider tackling a remodel or renovation. In or around Austin? Hire Urbane Design.
● Search online for a dependable lawn care service that can help you get that
landscaping looking pristine.

Take Steps to Integrate Into Your New Community

Connecting with neighbors and others nearby will make your new place feel like home.

● Make an effort to meet your neighbors. For example, you might host a housewarming
party once you are settled.
● Connect with the broader community by attending area events, frequenting local
businesses, and volunteering.
● Research area schools, for Austin, TX.
● Use mobile apps and online platforms like Nextdoor and MyCoop to connect with
your broader neighborhood.

Settling into a new home is more than simply updating your address on administrative
paperwork. The above steps cover the logistical and emotional steps needed to feel at home
in your new place. Now, it’s time to start making new memories!

Whether it’s new construction or a remodel Urbane Design in Austin is a full-service design
firm that can help you achieve these goals. Contact them today!

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