Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in an Entry

The front door is regarded by the Chinese as the “mouth” of the home because this is where the external chi-the energy from the environment-enters your home.

Do have an entry porch, front verandah or even an overhang to create a better chi- helping to draw good energy.

Don’t have a pretentious front door.  No matter the scale of the home, the front door should remain practical; otherwise you will invite trouble into your home.

Do position the front door towards the warmth of the sun so you can capture fame, fortune and longevity.

Don’t position your front door on the sunless side, if this cannot be avoided, hang wind chimes near it to stimulate positive chi.

Do keep the front door in good repair.

Don’t allow clutter or untidiness near the front door.

Do have a sufficient amount of light in the entry and keep a porch light on at night, even while you are away.


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