Uncommon Objects

Unique, unusual, unexpected and unquestionably uncommon express what you might find any given day at Uncommon Objects.  It is without doubt my favorite local shop, I make an effort to visit monthly and take guests regularly!  Stacks of assorted treasures provided by different vendors fill the space, most sections are brilliantly color coordinated and you never know what you might find!  There is so much to see it is wise to dedicate plenty of browsing  time to ensure you do not miss a turn- and do not forget to look up, you may even find treasure hanging from the ceiling!  One man’s trash is most certainly another man’s treasure!  If you are seeking antiques, old photographs, architectural detailing, vintage lighting, jewelry, etc… Stop in and see if one of these treasures may find a new life in your home!  As a designer I am able to draw a plethora of inspiration from a visit and I enjoy the thrill of searching through the already picked over treasures!  Enjoy the photos from my last excursion!

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