Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Kitchen

Food represents wealth therefore the kitchen is regarded as the source of general well-being.  If you prepare food in a kitchen with good feng shui the people who consume it will carry the benefits throughout the day.

Do have a light and airy kitchen with little clutter.

Don’t have the kitchen too close to the bathroom, it is unhygienic.

Do choose smooth surfaces, preferably lighter shades and always keep your kitchen clean.

Don’t locate the cook top near the sink or refrigerator.  It is not desirable to have fire and water side by side.  If your kitchen does not allow another option, use a buffer- a metal or wooden partition between the two.

Do place the cook top so your back is not to the door while cooking, otherwise you may be startled if someone is to come up behind you- this may affect the food.  If you cannot see the door, install a mirror behind the burners to give you plenty of warning, help the flow of chi and bring good fortune in business.

Don’t place the cook top under a window or skylight, because the energy will leave the home.

Do keep the cook top burners clean and in good working order, it is not only hygienic but is good for business.

Don’t choose a home where the kitchen can be seen from the front door. If you do, you will be preoccupied with food and may find yourself battling weight problems.

Do use all of the burners on the cook top regularly to keep the energy flowing evenly and to maximize your income potential.

Don’t install more than one stove.  Rather than doubling your wealth, this will divide it.  Instead, increase the number of burners on a single cook top.

Do keep brooms, mops, garbage cans and other cleaning tools, supplies and equipment out of sight when not in use.

Don’t leave too many things on kitchen surfaces as this will detract from a good flow of energy.


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