10 Ways to Enhance a Foyer

A foyer or entryway is the entrance to your home.  This area of the home is often neglected and considered to act solely as a pass through space.  Careful design and decoration of the foyer is essential, as it gives your guests their first impressions about your home…and we all know that first impressions last a lifetime!  Most importantly, it is the area that greets YOU daily.

1. Make sure your front door is attractive and welcoming!  This is the first thing people see before they enter your home.  Make a statement with your front door, have fun with it!<

2.  Avoid clutter in your foyer.  Make sure you and your guests have a clear path upon entering the home.

3. Define the space with a bold color, like this orange which radiates warmth and welcomes you upon entering the home.

4. Assuming you have enough space, try a console table to catch all of your belongings as you enter the home; functionality is indispensable.

5. A runner draws guests into your home and is extremely functional, so grit and grime is not dragged through your living space.

6. Good lighting is a must.  A glass front door, an overhead pendant, chandelier, or table lamp are all good options.  All of the above couldn’t hurt either!

7. Fun art or eye-popping wallpaper is a great way to engage visitors immediately.  Try a fun collage of your favorite prints or one large statement piece.  Avoid hanging family photos- something so personal is best reserved for private spaces.

8. Prefer to keep it simple and functional?  Mirrors are ideal in foyers and can be used alone or in conjunction with art or wallpaper.  Position a mirror to catch and disperse the light throughout the space.  Not only will a mirror create the illusion of extra space in a small area, but it is functional.  Who doesn’t like to check their hair one last time before leaving the house?

9. Be thoughtful with accessories!  Avoid clutter at all costs!

10. Bring life into the space by introduction plants or a fresh floral arrangement.

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