Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Bathroom

The Chinese have a saying:  “A clean and beautiful bathroom is the key to health, peace and wealth.”  Your bathroom should be a retreat; a place where you can relax and pamper yourself.

Do hang mirrors on the outside of the bathroom door if the bathroom happens to be in a wealth area (SE, E or S). Put a wind chime in the window to dam the flow of water, or energy from the house.

Don’t choose a home in which the bathroom, and particularly the toilet is located in the wealth and prosperity (SE, E or S) area of the home, or in the marriage and relationships area of the home (SW).

Do make sure your bathroom has a door to close it off.

Don’t have a bathroom that extends beyond the main door to your home.  If you do, your wealth will drain from the home.  If this cannot be avoided, paint the bathroom an earth color and accessorize with items made from porcelain, clay, china or terra cotta.

Do keep the seats, covers and doors to bathrooms shut at all times, especially if the toilet faces a bedroom or directly faces the bathroom door.  Toilets emanate negative energy.

Don’t buy or rent a home in which a bathroom is located above the front entrance.  This indicates misfortune to the family.

Do choose pale colors for the bathroom- they are restful.  Green promotes digestion and aids health; blue will keep the water moving, help avoid plumbing problems and encourage a good cash flow.

Don’t put a bathroom across from your kitchen, across from the main entrance or at the center of the home.

Do have a window in your bathroom and the enclosed toilet space to keep the air fresh and to connect the room to the outside.

Don’t have the toilet visible from the doorway.  Behind a door or in an alcove is best, otherwise a screen, curtain or cabinet can shield it from view.


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