Feng Shui: Do’s and Dont’s in a Bedroom

The bedroom is a private place where we rejuvenate and regain physical and spiritual strength- it should be peaceful, secure and subdued.  The happiness of marriage, and the health and wealth of a couple can be affected by the feng shui of the bedroom.  We spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, which is also when we are most vulnerable.

Do create a safe haven for sleep, rest, intimacy and recharging your body and spirit.

Don’t use a lot of high energy colors, such as red or gold.  These colors stimulate your energy, resulting in poor sleep.

Do place the head of the bed against a solid wall.  If you must place your bed against a window use a solid headboard, blinds or draperies to block the window.  Energy enters the body through the head.

Don’t align the foot of the bed with the door.  The dead are carried feet first through a doorway.

Do remove as much electronic equipment from your bedroom as possible, especially televisions, stereos and computers.  They emit electromagnetic energy that is detrimental to rest, health and fertility.  If you do keep electronic equipment in the bedroom, cover them at night with an opaque cloth so they will not act as mirrors.

Don’t use electric blankets or sleep on water beds.  They generate electromagnetic energy, and the latter is believed to cause arthritis, muscle pain and joint problems.

Do avoid sleeping in a bedroom situated above a garage, which channels harmful fumes from automobiles to the room’s occupants, affecting health.

Don’t keep books lying around your bedroom; they are too stimulating and keep you from rest.

Do keep your bedroom free of clutter and minimize the amount of furniture so that chi, or life energy, can flow easily through the room.

Don’t have water features, such as fountains or aquariums in your bedroom.  They are considered unlucky and can lead to loss of wealth.

Do close bathroom doors and toilet seat covers if at bathroom leads into your bedroom.  This can ensure a good night’s sleep.

Don’t occupy a bedroom that is in a direct line with a straight road.  If a vehicle’s headlights shine at or into the bedroom at night, use the room for exercise, storage, computer work, play or other activities instead.

Don’t install a ceiling fan directly above a bed; it will adversely influence the health of the occupants underneath.  A ceiling fan can be situated past the foot of the bed, where it can still effectively cool a room without affecting the people sleeping in it.

Do choose bedding and linens in solid colors.  If they have patterns, avoid geometric, angular designs that derive negative energy and disturb rest.

Don’t place the head of your bed against a wall shared with a bathroom.

Do make sure that the corners of shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and architectural features do not point toward the bed.

Don’t place a mirror directly in front of the bed.  Mirrors are far from restful and they make chi bounce around the room.  You might also frighten yourself if you see your reflection in the night.


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