Featured Artist- Eagles’ Nest Artistry

Brian Allen-Aguilar is a brilliant, self-taught craftsman.  Like many Austinites’, he is proud to use raw materials, all locally grown and fabricated.  In the beginning, Brian had no formal training in carpentry, only a basic understanding of sanding and applying varnish.  With a background in Political Science, he was forced to use the trial and error method when it came to his present day craft.

Brian’s journey began around 2006, when he decided to re-finish an old rifle stock that belonged to his late father.  He received helpful tips along the way by other skilled craftsmen, and with many failed attempts at refinishing the old rifle stock; he gained a plethora of knowledge and experience.  Soon he realized this to be his new hobby and began practicing his technique on scraps of different species of wood.

Brian loved the idea of creating pieces which were in part flat and precise and in part organic and natural.  He had also come to appreciate the natural beauty and one of-a-kind artistic quality of both the lines of the tree and the character or “figure” of the wood grain.  This new appreciation was in stark contrast to what he had seen in most furniture stores- where most of the available pieces were artificially shaped and/or stained so dark that the grain was completely obscured.  He felt that the natural character of wood was far more exciting and desirable than artificial precision.  In the end it simply seemed a matter of practicality to let the wood be his guide.

With these things in mind, Brian’s vision became clear; he wanted to present the natural beauty and character of wood in a way that was both rustic and elegant, and in a form that was functional, durable, and enduring.  Furthermore he wanted to do all this in a way that was resourceful and efficient; by utilizing salvaged and reclaimed material from the local area, and thus Eagles’ Nest Artistry was born.  Brian is now a full time professional woodworker specializing in rustic and contemporary rustic, natural edge, solid hardwood tables and art made from locally salvaged and reclaimed material.

Brian’s pieces can be seen/purchased at Primitives, Nest and Threshold– all locally owned and operated furniture hot spots!


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