2014 Design Trends

As with fashion, home décor looks come and go. We are highlighting our top ten predictions for 2014 interior design trends.

1. Painted Cabinetry
Painted cabinetry was hot in 2013 and will remain strong in 2014. From crisp white to rich jewel tones; kitchens will be finished with elaborate custom cabinetry, adorned with luminous brass or chrome hardware.

2. Rich Jewel Tones
Hot! Hot! Hot! Expect color everywhere, from wall coverings to upholstery! We are talking deep and inundated, not pale and wimpy.


3. Grey is the new Black
Say Bye, Bye, Beige! No more boring beige boxes. Seriously, grey is the new neutral!

4. Mixing It Up
Metallics that is! You don’t have to choose between silver and gold any longer. Use them both…in one room!

5. Soft Honey Wood Tones
Dark woods were in for so long, so it’s only natural we bring back the lighter, honey- tone woods.

6. Glamour Baby
See ya later white walls, 2014 we will see rooms with a lot more drama and glamour. Dark, moody walls in black and navy will be the seamless backdrop to the metallic accessories that are so hot right now.

7. Hair on Hide
That’s right! Hair on hide is so 2014! What better way to round out a super glam room then by finishing it out with a natural rug? Though, we won’t be limited to hair on hide rugs, we will see this trend in upholstery and fur as well.

8. Sheer Greatness
Heavy, dark draperies are out! Let in the light with soft, sheer window coverings.

9. Floral Prints
We are moving away from strong geometric patterns and softening it up with a hint of floral. Floral prints are popping up everywhere in fashion and décor. Mix florals with graphic patterns for a modern look.;

10. Woodland Creatures
They have been popping up on the radar as stylish elements in home decor for some time…and still hot in 2014. Trinkets of fox, elk, deer, birds, squirrels and owls!

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