Featured Artist- Anna Sprage

Anna Sprage is a Houston based artist with a background in theatre and music.  While on bed rest from a difficult pregnancy and unable to play her violin or guitar, she picked up a paintbrush and the rest is history.  Her newfound love of painting got her through a very difficult time in her life and today she draws inspiration from her son, Braxton.  Anna has a very distinct style which sets her apart from her peers, and an obviously undeniable talent.

Anna has recently expanded her art form- from canvas to wall murals, and currently has a mural featured at the Warhous Gallery.  Though she is currently taking a break from exhibits, you can usually find her showing her work at any given weekend around Houston.   An artist to keep your eye on- Anna is incredibly talented and she is extremely passionate about what she does!   I am proud to showcase one of her pieces in my home; a custom portrait I had commissioned for my boyfriend a few years ago.

 “My style is considered pop surrealism. I use acrylics on Canvas mainly but will not hesitate to use other materials, such as sponges for textures or pencils and water for subtle shading. I am completely self-taught, so each piece is its own experiment in technique and skill. I enjoy pushing and challenging myself technically while staying true to my style and myself. I have never found such a dynamic way to express my creative energy. Though I have always had a special love for music, painting allows me to reach something higher spiritually. It is what I was meant to do!” -Anna Sprage


A Day In June (Mural, featured at the Warhous Gallery)


The Calm


Velvet Belly


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