Feng Shui: Pets

Pets are natural sources of chi and they can bring the loving spirit out in just about anyone.  Pets are brought to hospitals and retirement homes to strengthen the health and well being of the patients.   When you treat your pet with love and dignity, they bring remarkable energy to a home.

When your pets spend time indoors, make sure they have a special spot within your home.  Dogs and cats need a bed, rug or mat that is all theirs, while smaller animals need their own cages or tanks that give them plenty of room to grow and live happy, healthy lives.

It is extremely important to keep pet homes fresh and clean to assure the health and vitality of your pets, as well as the quality of chi flowing through your home.  Please do not allow anyone, child or adult, to abuse or neglect a pet.  It is not only cruel but it exhausts the energy in the home.  Teach children to care for their pets and make sure they are following your guidance.  Keep litter boxes extra clean, hooded and out of the way in the garage, bathroom or a closet with a pet door.


My Chinese Crested, Sir Bowie, is happily situated on his luxury custom made bed.  He is quite the prince!

The king of the house, Mikah, refuses designated beds and sleeps wherever he pleases!

A dear friend of mine creates goodies to pamper pooches and cats (assuming your cat is not as stuck up as mine), visit her Etsy site for custom beds, bandanas and cat nip toys! Love your pets and treat them to luxury!

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