Define Your Style: Romantic 101

Romantic is a comfortable style that fascinates the senses through soft fabrics, floral patterns, lace, richly carved woodwork, painted furniture and a pastel color palette.

Femininity is ideal when it comes to furnishing a romantic styled space.  Furniture might range from delicate wrought iron patio chairs to an antique fauteuil.  Curvaceous consoles, a hand painted metal bed frame and crystal chandeliers might adorn a bedroom.

Upholstery and windows might be covered in toile or English floral prints.  Soft, supple fabrics are crucial to setting a romantic mood.  Silk, chenille, matelasse, velvet and sheer are all great contenders for fabrics, and contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Colors may range from soft pink to pale blue to creamy white.  The color should be conducive to rest and relaxation; so a few soft, muted tones should do the trick.

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