Define Your Style: Glamorous 101

The key to a glamorous setting is polish and drama!  Color and shine are essential to achieve the ultimate glamorous look.  Glamour is something you can add with any style and it is fairly easy to achieve.  In any glamorous home you might find Art Deco inspired furnishings, Italian crystal chandeliers, mirrored or lacquered furniture, a zebra print rug and/or ultra modern art.  Bold patterns add drama in rugs, wallpaper or fabrics.  Colors may vary from hot pink to subdued, understated walls.  Satin and silk might also be found throughout, and can even be added in a small throw pillow for a touch of Glamour.

Going glam could not be easier!   Just remember to add dramatic patterns, mirrors, lacquered furniture, colorful art and dress furnishings in rich materials.

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