How to Work With Your Designer

You do not have to be RICH to work with an interior designer you just have to work SMART with your designer!  Hourly consultations are a smart way to get design tips and selection help.  There is a lot that can be done in one hour, so do not be scared of the price!  I take the time to educate my clients, which gives them the confidence to take some of the work into their own hands. In the end Urbane Design will save you tons of money and keep you from making costly design mistakes.

Still feel like you need more than a design consultation?  There is the option to work in stages.  Few people have the opportunity to design their entire home at once.  I break it down room by room and educate you on where your budget is best spent.  Design can be done over time, focusing on rooms that take priority over others.  Call Urbane Design today to turn your dreams into elegant reality!

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