Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2011-2012

1.  Sustainable design
The emphasis on green continues to gain momentum. People are becoming aware of the built environment’s impact of our planet. We are seeing the use of low-impact, non toxic materials, sustainably produced or recycled materials, high energy efficiency and better-functioning durable products.

2.  Doing more with less
Today’s design is about smaller, well planned spaces made with quality materials that will last a lifetime.  Dollars are being focused on fewer, but higher end products and materials.  These new products have a common thread in the sensuality of their composition, and an almost handcrafted feel.

3.  Multifunctional spaces
Formal living rooms and even formal dining rooms are fading into the past, thus eliminating the need for money spent on furniture and expensive decor that will never be used by the average homeowner. Eat in areas are incorporated in kitchens, along with built-in desk units that are used as small home offices. Open floor plans are a must have creating an open and inviting place to gather and entertain.

4.  Bigger, Better Kitchens
Kitchen design is continuing to be the forefront in new homes. In no other room will you see as much attention to detail. Kitchen budgets are creeping higher in relation to the rest of the home. Kitchens are central to your living experience. They are known as the heart of the home, and quite often the focal point.

5.  Technology
Technology and beauty have not always gone hand in hand but in today’s world of style and function it is now more expected than ever before, especially in home design. Cutting edge technology is enabling design oriented manufacturers to produce stylish products that are also durable and easy to use. Attention is focused on products and home improvements that offer more style, performance and comfort.


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