AIA Austin Homes Tour

The 25th annual AIA Austin Homes Tour took place this past weekend, and my boyfriend and I enjoyed a lovely day together viewing some of Austin’s most beautiful homes.  We were able to start the tour in our own neighborhood-  a home that I have been eye-balling for quite sometime and have commented on how much we would love to see the interior! Fortunately, I got to do just that on Saturday!  The homes were scattered across town, and the tour definitely required a lot of patience as there was an estimated 4,000 persons just as interested to see the homes as myself.

Not all of the homes on the tour were new builds; it was interesting to discover that over half of the projects on the tour were additions to or remodels of, existing homes.  From playful historic renovations to newly constructed modern inspired homes- it was easy to see the value of an architect.  Few people realize how complicated it is to build/remodel a home until they find themselves lost in a sea of design options, contractors, zoning laws, etc…  Just as one would take time in selecting a builder, it is important to first consult with an architect and interior designer to ensure you will be properly guided through the design and construction process.  Professional architects and interior designers are skilled in their selected fields and have the education, training and experience to help you define what you want to build as well as help you get the most out of your construction budget.

Cameras were a no go on the tour, so I pulled some photos off of the AIA site for your viewing pleasure.


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