Featured Artist- Cheryl Finfrock

Cheryl Finfrock is an Austin based artist with an impressive resume featuring years of selected solo exhibitions, juried exhibitions and group exhibitions.  Her work has been shown in galleries as far as Berlin, Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria, Olomouc, Czech Republic and Paris, France- as well as an extensive number of galleries in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and everywhere between California to Florida to New York.  The list continues for miles!  She uses brilliant colors that allow your mind to drift and think of nothing but the creation she has laid upon canvas.  I invite you to not only check out her work, but possibly consider attending one of her many art workshops.  Did I fail to mention amongst her long list of credentials that she received a Teacher’s Certificate in Art from University of Texas at Austin?  She is also an instructor, teaching “The Business of Art:  Getting Your Work Out There”,  and a guest speaker at UT on “The Business of Art” as well as “Tax Tips for Artists”.  Cheryl is an incredibly interesting woman with an amazing talent!

“Dreams inspire my work.  Images ranging from public domain icons to archaic glyphs grab my attention.  My work is narrative in its intent, with titles helping to progress the story.  I see my work as painterly memoir, and the color and humor are grounding for me in this process.”  -Cheryl Finfrock

“Bridges and Tunnels”

“Jacob’s Ladder”



“Under the Surface”

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