DIY- Faux-ing Furniture

Out of sheer boredom and the desire for change- I decided to faux paint my kitchen island late Sunday night; luckily I had everything I needed to get started in my collection of paints!  I saved hundreds of dollars choosing to do the job myself vs. hiring a faux painter and it was simple to do!

What you will need:

  • A piece of furniture to faux finish
  • Base coat paint color (satin or semi gloss are ideal)
  • Pre-mixed glaze or custom mix glaze
  • Sponge paint brush
  • A smooth texture cloth (microfiber works great!

Now, let’s get to faux-ing…

  • First, select the lucky piece of furniture!  Then choose a base coat of paint!  Note:  lighter base coats give more contrast when using a glaze and professionals recommend using base coats with finishes that range from satin to semigloss for added depth and oomph!  (I was lucky enough to have a recently painted white kitchen island, though it was flat paint, it turned out quite nice.
  • After the base coat has dried you are ready to add the glaze!  I prefer pre-mixed glazes, as it is quick and simple.  Though if you are in need of a color not offered in the pre-mixed glazes, you can mix your own!  Always test a small sample to ensure you are getting the look and color you desire.
  • Next, paint the glaze on using the sponge paint brush- the longer you let the glaze sit, the darker it gets.
  • Last, simply take your cloth and wipe the glaze off off of the furniture.  It is fun to experiment with different textures!  (On my island, I let the paint sit briefly and wiped it off in a vertical stroke- and only used one coat of glaze.)  If a dramatic effect is desired; add multiple layers of glaze, using the same technique and allowing the previous coat the fully dry between layers.

Remember, it does not have to be perfect and as a matter a fact- imperfections make it look more interesting!   In less than an hour I added my own personal touch to my kitchen island!  Be inspired, experiment, have fun and enjoy your new, custom, one of a kind piece of furniture!



Door Detail

I opted for one coat of glaze for a quick change; more than likely I will consider adding another coat or two.  Check back for furniture faux-ing updates!

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