The Benefits Of A Great General Contractor

If you’re considering a home remodel, your head is likely spinning thinking about all the different people you’ll need to hire. This is where great general contractors come in. These are construction professionals with a large network of subcontractors that are trained in all areas of construction and can keep your remodel moving smoothly. A quality contractor is priceless — here are the top 5 ways they bring value to your home remodel.

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General contractors have a wide breadth of expertise

General contractors have a high level of expertise in almost all areas of remodeling and construction. Instead of burdening yourself with hiring every professional you’d need for the job — a plumber, electrician, flooring expert — general contractors have all of these positions in their arsenal of subcontractors. This means that you hire one general contractor, and they subcontract every part of the project out as needed. This leaves you with a single point of contact that handles the ins and outs of the project for you, which reduces the chance for costly errors and delays. Subcontractors are usually responsible for:

  • Supervising the work of subcontractors
  • Setting up job site safety protocols
  • Applying for building permits and licenses
  • Disposing construction waste
  • Managing personnel on the construction site
  • Communicating with the project owner (you), the construction project manager and your interior designer

Imagine doing all of this yourself — doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Your project is managed from a centralized location

Since general contractors serve as the central point for communication, your project is managed more efficiently. Working without a general contractor leaves room for wires to get crossed among all of your construction parties, and also opens up possibilities for dangerous errors to occur, like waste not being disposed of properly, or the correct safety precautions not being followed. Unless you’re well-versed in the ins-and-outs of a construction job site, it’s dangerous business to try and manage personnel and equipment on your own.

They help you save time and money

On the outside, it may seem like working as your own general contractor would save you money. But this could not be further from the truth. Supervising and scheduling complex construction work on your own could lead to small errors that cost big bucks to fix. It’s also incredibly time consuming to manage a remodel end to end. General contractors are dedicated to you as their client, so they have an interest in completing the work on time and on budget. Don’t be tempted to go at this alone — pay the money for professionals upfront. You’ll be glad you did in the end.

They carry insurance coverage that protects you and subcontractors

From property damage like fires to ruptured pipes, to personal injury of yourself or construction workers on the job site, home remodels come with a lot of risks. Proper insurance is needed to  protect you, your home and your crew. General contractors usually carry insurance that will do just that — further saving you money should the unplanned occur. Always ask your general contractor what type of insurance they cover before the project begins.

Your project will be built to city code

One of the single costliest mistakes that can happen in a home remodel is something not being built to city code, and thus having to be completely redone. General contractors are well versed in city code requirements for your area and will ensure that the project is being completed within the proper regulations. City codes and permitting can be a tedious, confusing process for the average person to take on. Rest easy knowing that your contractor deals with city codes as part of their job every day.

In Texas, general contractors aren’t required to obtain a license like specialty contractors (plumbers, HVAC, or electric contractors). They just have to register their business with the state. This is why it’s important to work with someone you know is credible, experienced, and carries the proper insurance. Urbane Design is a great partner for your remodel because we have close relationships with some of the best general contractors in Central Texas — which means the homes we remodel are beautifully designed and safely, efficiently built. Thinking of remodeling this year? Get in touch.

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