The Backyard Project- Featured in Austin Life Magazine

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you have likely already seen our posts about #TheBackyardProject.

The Backyard Project’s overarching theme is clearly art, keeping artist’s and muralists relevant and paid through COVID and showing our audience that art can be more than a canvas or print hanging on your wall.

The Backyard Project is a private outdoor art exhibit created by Urbane Design Principal, Jessica Love.  The gallery features six double sided 2’5″ W x 7′ H panels built by Dorian Lerma with Colective Creative Co and painted by local Austin artists and will be permanent fixtures of Love’s personal home.  Each artist of The Backyard Project received on side of the panel as their canvas and each had full creative freedom.  Combined, the six panels are a unique showcase of Austin’s most talented graffiti and fine artists.

Check out The Backyard Project featured in this month’s issue of Austin Life Magazine.

If you would like to be part of The Backyard Project and host an artist in your yard please contact Jessica Love at 512-522-6035 or

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