The Art of Display

Decorating Built-Ins does not have to be a daunting task, nor does it have to be bland and boring!  Transform ordinary bookcases and wall shelves into spectacular, showroom quality displays, with a few quick and easy decorating tips! 

  • Keep it simple!  Less is more- a basic design concept that safeguards carefully chosen items will have a larger impact.  Simply avoid clutter and dusting nightmares.  However stunning an individual item may seem, a mishmash of accessories can overwhelm and look more like a garage sale display rather than an assortment of precious collectibles!



  • Make it functional!  Where aesthetics are extremely important- functionality is essential!  Whether it’s a surface turned bar/serving area or a well displayed catch all- make sure it serves a purpose and functions for your lifestyle.  When decorating tall bookcases, consider keeping decorative items at the top and functional items at the bottom!



  • Show off what you have!  There is no need to rush to the accessory store to fill up shelving with unnecessary items.  Gather treasures around your home and group them for an exquisite display!  This is the perfect opportunity to show off collectibles or group like items.  Different sizes, shapes and colors engage one another, and grouping a collection adds prominence!



  • Mix it up!  ….And forget everything you ever learned about symmetry!  Try mixing art in with books.  Don’t reduce art and photos to walls only- shelves are great display spots!  Framed art placed casually among books is a fabulous way to add character.  Additionally, art hung on the front of shelves adds a sense of amazement and charm!   …And symmetry- why do we feel the need to make everything symmetrical?  Focus on balance rather than symmetry!  Odd numbers are interesting- choose asymmetrical arrangements of three or five and set them off center for a subtle element of surprise!  Change shelf heights- doing so enables the use of larger items and breaks away from the boring and oh- so-normal look!



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