Featured Artist- Cody Hooper

Art! Art! Art! …and more Art! I just cannot get enough! I love discovering new artists and sharing their work with anyone and everyone I can. Cody reached out to me via Facebook suggesting that I incorporate one of his pieces in a room I designed- I admire his boldness- and rightfully so, his art is stunning!

Cody Hooper grew up in North Texas and now resides in Santa Fe, NM. His passion for art began at a very young age. Growing up he was surrounded by art and music along with the beauty of the Southwest landscape, inspiring his interest in fine art. Hooper was given the opportunity to study under Southwest watercolor artist, Barbara Hughes, for several years. This set his foundation as an artist and throughout his early years he focused primarily on realistic watercolors. Hughes is noted as one of Hooper’s finest mentors and set a fire in his spirit that fueled his passion for becoming a professional artist. After many years of painting in watercolors, an instructor suggested painting abstracts in various mediums. This pushed Hooper to expand his horizons and tap into a new area of art he had not yet explored. There was an obvious freedom and self-expression with abstracts and it was then he really began to flourish and expand his talent. He was deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and emotional response to strong composition and design. Removing the known and having to create something that told a story without subject matter was very exciting, posing a challenge he had not yet faced as an artist.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Hooper worked as a Technical Graphic Designer in the engineering field for five years while continuing to paint in his spare time. The influence of his technical background can be seen in his paintings through his complex layering process and architectural line work. Hooper has since developed his own unique mix of fine abstract art. He is a creative innovator and always pushing the envelope, developing new styles that have never been seen before. He aspires to consistently captivate his audience with his diverse range of designs, rich colors and natural textures. To study his work in person is truly an awe-inspiring experience.

“Cody Hooper seamlessly combines the aesthetic feel of ancient and modern. His style is refreshingly, distinctive and exudes a certain harmony rarely seen in art today… This is Timeless Sophistication”

“Beneath the Surface”

“Ancient Sea”

“Heaven and Sky”

“New Journey”

“New Day”

“Luminary Division”

“Ocean Waves”

“Night Fall” was recently featured in the ABC series ‘The Lying Game’

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