How to Find a Mattress That Fits Your Antique Bedframe

How to Find a Mattress That Fits Your Antique Bedframe

An antique bedframe can offer a beautiful aesthetic for your bedroom, but it can be harder than you think to find a mattress that fits the frame appropriately. Not all antique bedframes take today’s standard size mattress, so finding a match can be a challenge.

There are options for finding mattresses online, custom sized mattresses, and bed conversions that can make an antique bedframe usable. But even with a mattress that fits, you’ll need to consider how the bed supports the mattress, bedding, and the overall antique look of the bed and mattress.

Choosing an Antique Bed

As you shop for an antique bedframe, consider mattress size. You should measure the frame before you buy it, if possible. Compare the bed’s size to mattress size charts to determine whether the bed will fit a standard sized mattress, or if you’ll need to get a specialty size mattress for the frame.

Three Quarters and Custom Size Mattresses

Some antique bedframes use a three quarters size mattress. Although this is more difficult to find than standard sized mattresses, they are available. You may need to order a three quarters size mattress online to fit your antique bedframe.

Antique bedframes with particularly unusual sizes may need a custom sized mattress. This can be costly, but a custom size mattress offers the perfect fit for your antique bedframe.

Often, cheap modern bedframes have slats or bars for mattresses to sit on. These are built directly into the frame. However, this isn’t as common with older frames. That means you’ll likely need to get a box spring or foundation. For an antique look, you should look for a low profile box spring, as a higher profile box spring will cause the mattress to sit higher than the frame was designed for.

Bed Conversions

If you prefer to use a standard sized mattress, it is possible to order or DIY a bed conversion kit. With a bed conversion, you’ll turn your irregularly sized bed frame into one that will hold a standard sized mattress. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you alter your bedframe, you might decrease its value as an antique piece.

Keep in mind that a King or California King sized mattress can visually dwarf a smaller antique frame. Even if you’re able to convert to a larger size, it may not look appropriate. If you want a true antique look, you may need to accept that mattresses were simply made smaller when the bed was designed.

Vintage Bedding

If you’re using a vintage quilt with your antique frame, keep in mind that quilts were designed differently in the past. Typically, quilts were designed for narrower beds than the modern standard sizes available today.

Written By Myra Campbell

Myra Campbell is a researcher for the sleep science and health organization Her passion for art and design brought her into the field. She began by researching how to create a relaxing bedroom and learned that great design can help improve our health and well-being. Myra lives in southern California and shares her queen-sized bed with two rescue dogs.

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