Fourth Annual Open Door Showcase 2018

We are proud to announce the Fourth Annual Open Door Showcase 2018, benefiting Austin Habitat for Humanity.  The First Annual Open Door Showcase in 2015 was the brainchild of Jessica Love, Principal of Urbane Design.  Through her love of live music, Austin, her clients and local business Open Door Showcase was born.  By partnering with other great locally owned businesses that we trust and believe in, this unique event is made possible and is an ‘Open Door’ to all who choose to participate.

Friday, March 9, 2018
4 pm – midnight
The Dogwood (No wristband/badge required)

715 W 6th Street

RSVP here.

Learn more about Open Door Showcase here and why it is so special!


Why should you attend Open Door Showcase?

The answer is simple, because you love live music, Austin, local business and want to support our local community… you miss what SXSW was in its inception; where you go to discover new bands and leave with a record in hand or can’t wait to download when you get home. Furthermore, you’re established enough to appreciate paid talent and support fair wages during large music festivals, don’t care to spend hours in long lines for a free drink, yet don’t want to waste money on a badge/wristband. Sound fair? See you there!

This event is 100% a labor of love for our local Austin community!

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