Freshen Up with Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give a room a fresh new look is by painting the walls.  Choose hues that appeal to you!  If you are considering selling your home, stick to neutrals, such as white, ivory, beige or soft classic hues with great appeal, such as light grey-blue, tan or taupe.

Are you a DIY-er and need to know how much paint to buy?  You will need approximately one gallon of paint to cover 350 square feet of wall surface.  Calculate the amount by multiplying wall height by width, and subtracting the measurements of open spaces, such as windows and door ways.  Depending on the color you are painting over you may need more than one coat of paint.  If you are painting over a dark color consider a primer in order to use less paint.

Paint is available in a variety of finishes and it is important to determine the right finish for your lifestyle.  Matte or Flat is durable and great for low traffic areas.  A flat finish will conceal imperfections in the surface and is traditional used on ceilings.  Eggshell is easily cleaned and smooth; a good choice for most rooms.  Semi-gloss is most often used on trim and woodwork.  It may also be a good choice for children’s rooms and bathrooms because it will stand up to moisture and daily wear and tear.  High-gloss is a superb finish for trim, mouldings, cabinets and doors.  It is very easy to clean and offers a shiny finish.

Before settling on a color, paint test swatches in different areas of the room to observe how light interacts with the color you will be living with morning, noon and night.  Colors look completely different in natural light than in artificial light.

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