Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Garden

An appealing exterior will help attract healthful chi and will improve your homes overall feng shui.  Whether you have a large backyard, a small courtyard or potted plants on a balcony, the idea of harmony applies just as much in your garden as it does in your home.

Do have your garden appear as though it is the work of Mother Nature.  Keep it simple and natural.

Don’t choose too many bold, contrasting colors and stick to what grows well in your area.

Do balance the shape and sizes of plants.

Don’t choose quantity over quality.  Like nature, your garden can be beautiful without being fussy.

Do choose bright, colorful, flowering plants, like yellow chrysanthemum and bougainvillea, which ward off bad luck.

Don’t use anything wooden in the Northeast or Southwest areas of your garden.

Do use potted cumquat trees near the front door to bring good luck.

Don’t use metal, glass, gold or mirrors in the East or Southeast area of your garden.

 Do use rocks.  They provided a good contrast to soft plants and help balance the yin and the yang.

Don’t allow any form of fire, including a barbecue grill or candles in the West or Northwest area of your garden.

Do take advantage of serenity and space and make special places for contemplation- fish ponds, a garden bench, a trellis or a sculpture provide positive focal points for quiet thought.

Don’t use the South area of your garden for water elements, including fountains, waterfalls and ponds.

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