Featured Artist- Lana Nguyen

Lana Nguyen was born and raised in the beautiful city of Kiev, Ukraine. The very first painting she made was when she was only 2 years old with her mom’s red lipstick on a very large mirror. Since then, her parents knew there was a messy little artist in the family. Lana currently lives in United States, and will stay until her adventure takes her elsewhere.

Her latest collection features “Alcohol ink on Yupo.” Lan is often inspired by nature and her surrounding environment and she incorporates these aspects into her work. Each piece is unique because of the technique and unpredictable nature of the medium.

LAN art&design was started with the idea of finding inspiration through my love for traveling, nature, and my every day surrounding environment, and incorporating that love into my work. Being born and raised in Eastern Europe and exploring life in the United States gives a unique cultural twist and eclectic vision to each piece.  All of my work is 100% original and can be customized to your liking, ranging from neutral to a bright pop of colors. I work with alcohol ink, acrylic and mixed media.” -Lana Nguyen

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