Classic Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes

Gone are the days of people wanting big, extravagant homes. Now, people are more interested in downsizing to smaller homes that require less upkeep and give them more money to do things they love. Although the home is smaller than average homes, homeowners do not need to sacrifice style and design. Here are some great, classic interior design ideas that would be great for any small home.

Stone Accent Walls

For clients who love the idea of having a unique accent wall in their home, stone accent walls are a perfect option. There are two main types of stones used in stone accent walls: the ones that look like actual stones and the ones shaped like tiles. While both can create impressive accent walls, the tile-style is most popular as while they have texture and depth, they still blend seamlessly with modern finishes. Regardless of the style your client has in mind stone accent walls are a beautiful, unique option to keep in mind.

Wood Wall Panels

Another eye-catching feature that would be perfect for small homes is reclaimed wood wall panels. These reclaimed wood wall panels are made using wood from older buildings that have been cleaned, treated, and cut into rectangular tile pieces. They are a great option that will impress anyone that looks at them and really help a small home seem bigger, just from the style. Reclaimed wood panels are also great because no two pieces of wood will be the same, so it just adds to the overall wow-factor.

The Perfect Paint Color

Color has an amazing impact on the human mind, so when it comes to a home, it is essential to consider the paint color options carefully. You want to help your client pick the perfect colors for their home, one that they will love for a long time, but that will not clash with the rest of the design. It is also essential that the colors create the right mood; a homeowner should be able to walk into their home and instantly feel relaxed and happy. Beyond that, choosing the perfect paint color can help even the smallest house feel a little bit bigger.

Decorate Your Wall

Wall decor is another great design idea to implement in small home design. But, instead of buying prints from a store, you can order custom wall murals for the design. By going with custom wall murals, homeowners can be confident that nobody else will have the same design. These custom wall murals can also come as big canvas prints, which will give their space more personality and give it an extra personal touch. Designs for the big canvas prints can include anything family portraits to pictures the homeowner took. Big canvas prints are great for creating custom wall murals and will give the homeowner many stories to tell to visitors.

Finish Your Home with Exquisite Furniture

Finally, there is also the matter of furniture, which is what help tie an entire home’s design together seamlessly. Consider talking to your client about using high-quality furniture in the interior of their homes, such as Amish kitchen hutches and Amish bookcases. The Amish are known for their quality work, so Amish kitchen hutches and Amish bookcases are going to be sure to last for many years, especially if treated well. Even if your client is not interested in things like Amish kitchen hutches or Amish bookcases, the Amish make plenty of other high-quality furniture that would work in any home design.

Having a small does not mean appearance has to be sacrificed and forgotten. Even tiny homes can be designed to impress everyone and create a perfect space for the homeowner. It is just a matter of doing it all the right way and choosing the right materials for the job. Keep these interior design ideas in mind, and your client will be incredibly pleased with the final results.

Guest Blog Written By:  Matt Lee with Innovative Building Materials

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