Featured Artist- Edgar Medina

Edgar Medina is an amazing, passionate and self taught artist.  He is driven and his creativity shows through his art.  I proudly display one of his earlier paintings on my bedroom wall- one that I gifted to my boyfriend a couple of years ago for his birthday.  I hope to have the opportunity in the near future to add another piece of Edgar’s work to my art collection!

“My paintings are considered Contemporary Abstracts: they are expressive, full of energy, bold and inspirational. The scope of my works varies, yet each series has a different meaning behind it and is infused with a positive message that helps me believe in my work and inspire others. In my experience, collectors tend to love the painting, but when I explain the name and the metaphor behind it, they appreciate it even more.

I continue my education at Glassell School of Art in Houston to expand my horizons and continue learning new techniques. My work was selected to be shown in a gallery in the New Orleans French Quarter. As well, I was chosen to take part in John Ross Palmer “Escapism 2010″ mentorship program, which has been a defining moment in my career, helping me grow as an artist by sharing ideas with a fellow Escapist. Painting on canvas has become my passion, and I want to continue to inspire others through my work, my life, my struggles, and my future success.” -Edgar Medina

Edgar Medina’s Biography

At an early age I learned to never take anything for granted. At birth I was diagnosed with a serious lung disease, which meant many childhood days of confinement to a hospital room in Tamaulipas, Mexico. During this time my parents introduced me to the world of creative art, which provided me with a great strength and solace. From crayons and coloring books to painting on canvas, I realized I possessed a natural talent for artistic expression, a passion that continues to grow in me.

My paintings are considered contemporary abstracts, they are rich in texture, culture, color and my signature style with the use of the palette. They reflect a fusion of both Mexican and American cultures. Allowing the combination of my environment and its abstraction to fulfill my art to create a uniqueness in each of my paintings. From the beginning, it has been a journey for me to get to this point, feeling confidence in my work, learning from my mistakes as a self taught artist, and discovering new techniques. The value in my struggle, is the final composition of my artwork.

Arise | Series

46 x 60 Acrylic on canvas

Kaleidoscope | Series

30 x 60 Acrylic on canvas

Eternal Soul

48 x 60 Acrylic and Oil on canvas

Triumphal Arch

62 x 62  Acrylic on canvas

Moving Forward | Series

48 x 60  Acrylic on canvas

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