Designing For the Senses- Quick Tips

Create a sense of harmony- Design with pairs, such as lamps or side tables.  Smaller accessories can be placed to counterbalance and keep the room from becoming stagnant.

Use contrasting textures to stimulate senses- Try combining the use of hard and soft surfaces- mix granite with un-honed travertine, hand scraped hard wood floors with silk or wool rugs, or a plush, down sofa with a lacquered table.

Place mirrors to improve or enhance light- Strategically place a mirror opposite a window or chandelier to brighten a room, rather than adding more lamps.

Select a color palette for the room’s desired mood- Use soft, muted colors in a bedroom for relaxation, and brighter colors in a living room to boost conversation.

Fill rooms with a pleasant scent- Fragrance enhances the visual mood.  If a design is of a cool color palette, pair it with mint or lime scented candles- Or for a romantic retreat in a master bedroom use lavender or jasmine.

Design for your senses today!  Want in home tips?

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