Builder Partnerships

At Urbane Design, our niche is working closely with builders to ensure projects are completed within the allotted time frame, budget, and most importantly, run efficiently.  With multiple years of experience, our designers possess the skills and know how to get the job done proficiently.  We will work directly with your homebuyer, so you can focus on getting the home built.

The process is simple; a qualified and experienced Interior Designer will meet with your buyer once the home contract is finalized.  We work efficiently in order to meet specified deadlines, meaning installation dates will be met.  Our designers are experienced assisting homebuyers and builders in the decision making process for all interior and exterior finish selections.  We start by presenting homebuyers with each selection that is included in the base price of the home, and suggest upgraded products based on their unique lifestyle needs.  We will reconcile any upgrades against allowances and include your mark-up on the difference.  Each interior and exterior selection made will be typed in a legible spreadsheet, and presented to the builder once selections are approved by the homebuyer.

We understand that the homebuilding process is often overwhelming for homebuyers, we simplify the process with patience and guidance; educating homebuyers on what will best suit their unique lifestyle needs.  We take the guess work out of the design process!  Offering professional Interior Design services in the sale of each new home will not only add to your marketability, but will allow you to stand out amongst competitors. 

Urbane Design offers fixed price packages for all building projects, including custom homes, production homes, and renovations.  Including a design service package in each new home sale further simplifies the process and is virtually effortless. Most importantly, our designers save builders valuable time.  Additionally, our services are extended to the interior and exterior design of specs and model homes.

Builder packages are estimated on an hourly rate, specified per builder.  New build custom homes, model homes, and detailed specs are calculated per square foot.  AutoCAD drawings and renderings are available at the request of the builder and are billed at an hourly rate.  Our Interior Designers can work directly with the homebuyer if preferred by the builder.

Urbane Design will work with the builder’s preferred vendors, or we can recommend ours.  Builder packages include all necessary interior and exterior selections, specified per builder, and might consist of the following:


Custom Cabinetry                                        Custom Millwork


Countertop                                                    Flooring


Backsplash                                                   Tub/Shower Surround


Plumbing                                                       Lighting


Hardware                                                       Appliances


Custom Closets                                            Fireplace Surround


Interior Paint Colors                                    Faux Paint


Wallpaper                                                      Exterior Paint Colors


Brick/Stone/Stucco/Other                        Roof


Gutters                                                           Windows


Garage Door                                                 Front Door



·         Professional Interior Design services ensure interior and exterior selections will be completed on time and within budget, allowing the builder to rest assure.

·         Builder partnerships are offered for all building projects, including custom homes, production homes, and renovations.

·         A professional Interior Designer will conduct each design meeting to ensure homebuyer satisfaction with each finish selection made and guarantee they are offered the best products for their unique lifestyle needs.  We make the process fun and easy, taking the guess work out of design!

·         Professional Interior Design services allow the builder to stand out amongst competitors and increases marketability.

·         Builder packages include a full design selection spreadsheet that encompasses all interior and exterior selections.  Each selection spreadsheet will include an outline detailing finish selections with images (where applicable).  Homebuyer approved copies will be provided for both the builder and the homebuyer.  This allows for effortless checks and balances at the time of installation, which assists in preventing incorrect product installation- potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

·         Integrating builder packages in the price of the home simplifies the design process, allows the builder to focus on building the home, and ensures the homebuyer will be satisfied with all of their finish selections.

·         Our Interior Design staff is also familiar with selections for specs and model homes.  We welcome the opportunity to be the builder’s one-stop-shop!

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