Umlauf Sculpture Garden

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do a private tour of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden, as well as a tour of Umlauf’s home and studio.  Charles Umlauf was a noted 20th century American sculptor who dedicated his life to the art, as well as teaching his craft at the University of Texas.  Umlauf donated his property and sculptures to the city of Austin for all to enjoy in 1985 and was subsequently turned into the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.  At this time, Charles Umlauf’s home on the hill and studio are not open to the general public.  Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later.  For now, we are happy to share our photos and adventure with you here!

The tour began with a caravan ride from the sculpture garden through the hills all the way to Charles Umlauf’s private residence.  The property stretches approximately 9 acres and is in the heart of Barton Hills, right across from Barton Creek.  Umlauf purchased this now prime real estate for a mere $2,500 in 1941.  Inside the home was his furniture as he left it, sketches of his work and sculptures he kept in his private collection.

Umlauf 3 Umlauf 6 Umlauf 7 Umlauf 1















After touring the home we walked through a personal collection of bronzes and stones…

Umlauf 5 Umlauf 0









Finally, we made it to the studio where all of the magic happened!  I could have spent hours here.  The process is difficult and the artist has to think from the inside out.  It truly is magical.

Umlauf 11 Umlauf 10 Umlauf 9 Umlauf 4 Umlauf 2 Umlauf 3 Umlauf
























Lastly, a private tour of the sculpture garden. A peaceful and breath taking place!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Umlauf 12 Umlauf 13 Umlauf 14 Umlauf 15

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