Tips for Using Area Rugs

3 Interior Design Tips for Using Area Rugs

An area rug is an exquisite piece to any household décor. Whether it is a compact closed room setting, or a large elongated room space, area rugs are the perfect way to add pizzazz and character to any living space. This accessory brings balance and great visual appeal to any room setting if used correctly. Its decorative versatility and multi-purpose use render it both stylish and functional; giving any room that crisp and fun look every person would love.

If you’re wondering how to best incorporate this piece to any room in your house, look no further, here are a few hints to do so like a pro!

  1. Color or Complement

An area rug can be used to spice up or mellow the mood of any space. A bright red area rug, may add a bold dash of color to a neutrally decorated room whereas a beige, cream or grey textured area rug may be used to complement and harmonize an already boldly decorated room.

You may consider having a colorfully patterned area rug as the centerpiece of the room from which the rest of the room décor – wallpapers, decorative pillows or curtains- resonate with. You may also opt to match the color palette of the room décor with the area rug to give the room a serene finish. In this case, go for a rug that has less going on so that it does not compete with the rest of the room upholstery.

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  1. Delineate floor space

In instances where a room may have multiple uses, an area rug may come in handy to distinguish the floor border of each of the uses. For example, your child’s bedroom may have a sleeping area, playing area and a study area. You can use area rugs of different shapes and sizes to delineate the spacein order to have visual borders of where each of the areas start and stop. This is also true for living room spaces which may also serve as a dining area or an office area. Using similarly patterned or color-textured area rugs enables the room, though with multiple uses, appear connected.

Advisably an area rug should leave a substantial floor border of up to 12 inches and not cover up the entire floor space. The bare floor space left gives the impression of a larger room.

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  1. Make a statement

Custom-made area rugs exemplify this best. They are unique and tailored to the preference, taste and embody the charisma of the host. What better way to add your individual touch to your home space! You can also express your style and taste by picking out an area rug that has a vintage or pop culture flair to it, rugs with unique patterns and fabrics can also do just as well. You can also use your area rug as a wall hanging, to give your room an unexpected dramatic edge. Ideally, there’s no cast in stone rule on how to go about this, whatever appeals and represents you, is a go!

Indeed area rugs are wondrous if used correctly, they really make any room uniquely stand out. Whether it’s in enhancing contrast and echoes to the color pallet of the room, or anchoring the room upholstery or giving the room a warm cozy feeling, area rugs are a true household staple!

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Guest Blog written by Holly Clark


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