Six Quick Tips for Decorating On a Budget

Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars decorating your home?  It is possible to repurpose existing furnishings and update your interior with a few simple decorating tips! 

Followed, are six specifics that should be given a lot of thought and attention in order to achieve remarkable results!

1.  Organization and De- clutter!  So simple, yet so often overlooked.  A cluttered, unorganized room is never attractive and can make a person want to avoid a room.  Less is more!  Simple rules to abide by:  If you have not used an item in over 6 months- get rid of it!  If you do not LOVE any item in your room- get rid of it!  If an item in your room has negative memories attached- get rid of it!  Even if your great Grandmother gave you a crocheted family crest that was meant to hang above your fireplace…the only thing making you feel bad about it, is having to look at it every day!  Store it in a closet if it must stay in the family.  Think function!  If you do not know exactly where a necessary item is in your home (i.e. a pair of scissors) it is time to organize your home.


2.  Paint!  Painting is the simplest, least expensive way to transform a room while making the greatest impact.  Paint is available in various colors and sheens.  It is important to take the sheen of the paint into consideration, as it will reflect the brightness once painted on the surface.  If you wish to minimize glare, lessen the sheen of the paint.  Additionally, the natural and artificial light in the room will affect the final color of the paint.  I highly recommend test swatches of the selected color before committing to painting the entire room.

3.  Lighting!  The proper use of lighting can bring a room to life!  Assuming the budget for decorating is minimal; lamps are the least expensive route.  There are a plethora of selections readily available in table and floor lamps.  Lamps are one item I never recommend skimping on, as the lighting in a room can affect your mood as well as the way a space is perceived.  Think task lighting and ambient lighting!  Light bulbs are also an important factor- test a few different bulbs in your selected lamp to see which one suits your room best.

4.  Draperies!  There is no shortage of ready-made-draperies on the market.  Available in a multitude of fabrics, textures, colors and patterns!  Prices vary based on drapery lengths, but in order to achieve the highest impact- go as long as you possible can!  I recommend hanging the drapery rod as close to the ceiling as possible and having the drapery fabric at least touch the floor.  For a high style look you can select a longer drapery length that allows for a small puddle on the floor.  Additionally, I recommend mounting the drapery rod 5” outside of the window frame, on either side for a nice full effect.  Lined draperies, though more expensive, add fullness and look more expensive.  Another great place to splurge if the budget allows!

5.  Space Planning!  There are many obvious and subtle considerations to ensure that a room is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.  Furniture arrangements should be planned, rather than randomly placing furniture in a room.  Arranging furniture properly can improve the traffic flow and organization of a room, while highlighting focal points or the most important part of a room.  Space, scale, proportion, balance and perspective must all be taken into consideration when planning furniture arrangements.  Assuming that existing furniture is a good scale for the room itself, you must remember the function of the room, any focal points (i.e. fireplace, large windows, etc…), and paths of egress.  Consider high traffic areas and avoid placing furniture in these areas.  Allow at least 3 feet of open space for primary traffic routes.  Furniture placement is more of an art than a science; try a few different arrangements to see what best suits the space.

6.  Area Rugs!  Area rugs are a great way to add color and texture to a room.  Rugs vary in price depending on size, quality, material, and origin.  Large, fairly inexpensive wool rugs can be found at many large retailers and if you luck out with a sale- even better!  Investing in a rug is smart and will provide years of comfort and style to your home décor.  Area rugs are great for centering a room, and can help define a room’s function in an open concept floor plan.  For incredibly tight budgets, consider layering rugs for added dimension and texture!

Urbane Design specializes in designing your home, for your lifestyle needs and within your budget- that includes DIY’ers and budget savvy clients!  

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