Practice Feng Shui Today

As many of you know, at Urbane Design we practice Feng Shui on a daily basis and integrate the principles into each space we design.  Since a lot of us are finding more time on our hands while social distancing and spending more time at home, there is no better time to practice Feng Shui than today.  The energy that moves through our home is crucial to our health, prosperity and happiness.  Don’t allow global events and worldwide panic keep you from making the home you live in now the best it can be.  Balancing and enhancing your home is one of the most powerful things you can do to empower and manifest your goals and dreams for the future.

Feng Shui principles offer a plethora of practical, result-producing ways to balance and improve your life.  Begin by joining forces with your home, set your intentions for positive change with clarity and purpose, and then take action.  Examine your connection with objects that surround you.  Organize and simplify every nook and cranny so that your creative spirit has room to thrive.  Embrace change, live with only things you love, and let comfort and safety be your guides.  As we embrace these principles, together we will create our own personal Haven.

Join forces with your home.

Every object that lives with you holds certain memories, associations and feelings.  In Feng Shui, it is crucial to assess what your material possessions are alive with.  What are these possessions “saying” to you?  The quality of your inner being is constantly influenced by what you keep alive in your surroundings.  If something no longer speaks to you or serves your life, now a great time to come to peace with it, and let it go to allow new things to enter.

Set your positive intentions.

A primary Feng Shui goal is to surround yourself with environmental affirmations.  When we design our environment to reflect our ideal happiness, health, and prosperity we open pathways to take residence with us.  With purpose and direction, you can set your environmental stage to securely house your own personal state of grace.

Take action.

We witness change all the time in our bodies, relationships, energy level, emotions, and state of mind.  The one constant in our physical universe is change.  In Feng Shui, we accept change as a gift and create a relationship with it.  When we are fully engaged with change and allow it to happen, we are drawn to reinvent our homes to reflect our personal evolution.  When you feel the need to change something in your home, it is important to follow through as quickly as possible.  In doing so, you embrace new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, and you are able to move forward in life.

Interested in learning more about Feng Shui and working with Urbane Design to create your personal Haven?  In light of current world events we are re-opening our Feng Shui services via E-Design.  Email us at to get started.



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