Inventory of Uniqueness

Urbane Design is proud of the dedication to growth and expertise that our employees bring to our team. Each person is chosen for their accomplished skills, unique perspective, team working abilities, and overall passion for design. We are excited that you are on our team, and we look forward to growing with you.

What makes Urbane Design unique?

  • We provide all-encompassing services from start to finish for new construction or remodeling projects. Our range of services include concept development, space planning, finish specification and finish determination, paint and color determination, as well as photorealistic 3D renderings.

  • Urbane Design understands the importance of ensuring that our client’s space flows effortlessly and is decorated in a way that feels reflective of their own personal style. Our furniture services include concept development, space planning, finish specification and finish determination, furniture specification, custom furniture, custom drapery, and art procurement.

  • We have an entire team of dedicated professionals here to inspire you each step of the way. We believe in playing into our strengths, and our well rounded staff have degrees specifically in the Interior Design realm. This is not a hobby for us, and we are serious about providing our clients with professional services that they can trust. Although each person on our team can fulfill the duties of multiple roles, we prefer to let our team of specialists provide our clients with the highest quality of work available.

  • Working with an entire professional design team is beneficial in many ways. We use both inside and outside resources at our disposal, and aside from delivery times and other things we cannot control, our clients’ projects are completed faster than if they were working with one solo person.

  • Our team ensures that the code of ethics set forth by the American Society of Interior Designers is followed each step of the way. We ensure that everything is done to code and that all proper permits are acquired.

  • Urbane Design believes in being transparent with our clients and employees. We understand that some companies do not show a clear breakdown of all costs and services; however, we provide all of our clients with the exact cost of materials and services so that no one is surprised or left feeling cheated. We want our clients to understand exactly what it takes to make their vision come to life, and our intention is that you feel the power in your own creativity and vision. We encourage open dialogue and questions with all clients and employees.

  • We approach each project with the same set of values: honesty, integrity, and a deep commitment to growth, leadership, and community. We encourage creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and an open dialogue with our clients and employees. Collaboration, communication, and trust are our pillars of strength, and only with all three can we truly create something great. Whether collaborating with a coworker or client, respect is of the utmost importance in communication and body language. We value those who keep their word, express their ideas and opinions in an open and receptive manner, and it is expected that those ideas and opinions will be received in a nonjudgmental fashion.

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