Feng Shui in Hallways

Hallways connect the rooms and floors of our homes and are the passageways through which we, along with the vital energy that nurtures our homes, travel.  We like to approach hallways as a room and adorn them with their own unique qualities.  The longer, thinner and darker a hallway, the more people are compelled to hurry through them.  When designing with Feng Shui in mind, we want to encourage the opposite and slow people down to a healthy pace.

Enjoy our tips and create your own hallway that people are compelled to visit a bit longer.

  • A long, thin shaped hallway lends itself to being an art gallery where you can display paintings, photographs, posters or other collectibles along the walls.  Each piece may act as a window, bringing color and interest to the hallway walls.  Make sure not to darken your hallway with an excess of art and family photographs.  Keep a balance of empty space and hanging objects.
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting…it is important to have a well lit hall.  From decorative light fixtures to a simple recessed can light- go big!  Skylights and/or directional light are also nice elements to consider.
  • If a hallway is wide enough, the inclusion of furniture, rugs and plants are the perfect addition.  It is important to not overcrowd a hallway in an effort to make it more interesting!  Be sure your choices enhance, not obstruct the flow of Chi.
  • When all else fails, Feng Shui can deliver with remedies.  Faceted crystals are used to help circulate and balance the energy in hallways.  They can be hung unobtrusively a few inches below the ceiling, at about 10′ intervals.

By adding a colorful gallery wall and “new” antique rug to this narrow space, we have created a hallway of interest, with its own unique character; we have excelled at balancing and enhancing a healthy flow of chi.  How do we know?!?  This hallway is cat approved!  Say hello to Mikah everyone.

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