Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Living Room

A living room needs to be warm and inviting; a happy place in which to entertain and for your family to gather.  This room regardless of the décor will affect your friendships, family relationships and your success- the chi should flow in a lively fashion.

Do place a large or heavy piece of furniture in the South area of the living room to “anchor” your family when you move into a new home.  When you want to sell the home or move, remove this piece of furniture.

Don’t place all of your furniture against the walls, which accentuates the straight lines of a room.  Try arranging furniture at 45-degree angles to the walls for a fresh look.

Do place green or purple items, wooden objects or furniture and objects in groups of four in the Southeast corner of the living room.  This corner is the most important prosperity area in a home and these placements can activate the wealth of the home’s occupants.

Do position chairs to encourage a free flow of movement for chi and for conversations.

Don’t place chairs between two opposite openings.  The chi generated by your family’s passing will interfere with conversation and you will lose both concentration and your temper.

Do place a table between chairs to help break down barriers between people.

Don’t place chairs under exposed beams because the person seated beneath will find it oppressive.

Do use bright, cheerful colors to make your living room lively.

Do use add a fish tank to add a restful focal point; the movement of colorful goldfish will help stimulate chi.

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