Featured Artist- Justin Garcia

As a self proclaimed art aficionado, I have decided to dedicate a monthly blog to a chosen artist in order expose their work and offer inspiration to my readers.
Justin Garcia is among my favorite artists, he uses brilliant colors and incredible textures that instantly capture ones attention. All of his pieces adds an astonishing statement to any room! I have yet to purchase one of his pieces to add to my personal art collection, but plan on doing so in the future.

“Art is meant to be different for everyone. It is meant to be felt, to move you, to make you feel life.” –Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia’s Biography

A native Houstonian, Justin Garcia has been involved in the art world for most of his life. As a very young child, Justin discovered how much he loved to create. Life circumstances caused him to become extremely independent early on so he funneled his creativity into business where he began painting murals for clients at the age of twelve. Justin grew up knowing that in order to get ahead in life, he had to be able to rely on himself. Art became that reliable venue through which he could harness his creativity. Throughout his early years, Justin embarked on many entrepreneurial endeavors that allowed him the resources to pursue his passion for art while surviving life’s hurdles.

With tremendous ambition and talent, Garcia has studied and performed many techniques to develop a signature style that gained the attention and appreciation of art collectors, media and a variety of individuals. His work incorporates mixed media of oils, acrylics and compound texture on canvas and wood, and for more exotic pieces, often features unique materials such as Plexiglas, railroad nails and stained glass.


Imagination 1


Imagination 2


Creation Series 1


Creation Series 2


Creation Series 3
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