Featured Artist- Andrea McArdle

As many of you know I am obsessed with art and love to promote local artists.  It has been a while since I have featured a local artist, but we are back on a blogging spree and hope to feature many more in the near future.  Check out Andrea McArdle; she does everything from portraits to murals.  I can’t wait for the opportunity to to collaborate with her and feature her as a muralist in upcoming projects!  Stay tuned.
Andrea McArdle is an artist based in Austin, Texas. Her works range from large and realistic to small and imaginative.  In her large-scale works, she relishes capturing the truths and insecurities of her subjects. In these works she prefers to use a large brush keeping the paint loose and messy.
She also enjoys painting and illustrating in smaller-scale; these paintings are normally bright, playful and child-like.
Andrea began her education at University of Houston as a Painting major in 2002.  After taking a break from school, she finished her degree at Texas State University in 2011.  She now works at her studio in East Austin.
Check out more of her work here.
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