5 Tips to Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere in Your Home

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We consider our home as our personal sanctuary, but few people create an environment in which we are truly relaxed. Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home can help you relieve daily stress, allow you to stretch out, and improve your mood.  Here are 5 tips to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Adjust your wall colors

When it comes to creating a mood, color is important. In fact, it is likely that color psychologyhas affected your decision-making at least once in the past month. For example, restaurants frequently use red which increases blood pressure so that people are in and out of the restaurant quicker. Retail stores use white to provide a crisp, clean, and fresh environment which leads consumers to feel comfortable spending money. In your home, colors such as orange and yellow will invite your household to gather in the kitchen while grays and blues will give your bedroom the visual impression of sleeping outdoors under a dark sky while providing a better night’s sleep. Creating the right color for the right room will help your mind connect with your home.

Bake cookies

Essential oils are a popular way to calm nerves through aromatherapy and the stimulation of the limbic system. But when was the last time you smelled freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies and frowned? We are willing to bet – never. That’s because these foods create a memory in your mind that provides the comfort of your childhood years. Even, if your parents never baked cookies, our society has adopted the euphoric smell as comforting. Now, all you need to worry about is how many you eat.

Clean up

Let’s face it, clutter is an embarrassing part of our lives and we’d rather just ignore it – which we all do. But, walking into a bedroom strewn with piles of washed…or unwashed clothes (can’t remember) can be stressful. Cleaning your housedoesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, as little as 15 minute a day can have your home clean and feeling comfortable in as little as a few days. It’s nice to walk into a clean house but creating a relaxing atmosphere can just as easily come from something as simple as feeling accomplished; as in cleaning the toilet.

Keep your home quiet

If you have children, you’ve on a rare occasion experienced what it is like when no one is home and the house is completely quiet. That means, no bickering, no television, no music, phone, or tablet. Perfect silence. Silence is not only refreshing but it also helps to relieve stress and tension and replenishes mental resources. Don’t believe us? Try it out. You may never turn your television on again.

Become an indoor gardener

Gardening has been known to relieve stress for centuries. However, when it comes to indoor gardening, we are talking about growing household plants that help to filter and purify the air. Adding outdoor space to your interior also helps to visually stimulate your mind to provide a sense of being outdoors. Plants are so important to purifying the air that NASAcreated an entire program just to study the effects.

We all strive to have a relaxing home that we can call a sanctuary. While there is a degree of effort to creating our little haven, it doesn’t take much. Addressing the color in our home to suit our needs, welcome inviting smells, declutter, keep it quiet, and learn from NASA by bringing in the world’s naturally efficient air purifiers.

Blog written by:  Krista Harper

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