10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Drab Kitchen

Broglove Kitchen1
1. Paint. Choosing a lighter color for dark, outdated kitchen cabinets will instantly brighten a space and also make it appear larger in size. Light colors also reflect light and is great camoflage for scratches, dings and dents in old cabinetry.

2. Replace Cabinet Doors. That’s right- keep the cabinet box and replace the doors! There are a multitude of styles to suit individual aesthetics, and new doors will surely give your space a sleek new look. Also consider glass doors or open shelving to show off those fabulous pieces you’ve been hiding away!

3. Add Crown Molding. Your kitchen will scream that you spent tons on custom cabinets! Crown moulding adds extra personality and updates cabinets instantly.

4. Change/Add Hardware. Replace or add new cabinet hardware on kitchen cabinets and get ready for a HUGE change! There are tons of styles to make your kitchen as unique as you like.

5. Resurface the Countertop. Designing on a dime can be fun. Take your outdated kitchen countertops from boring to beautiful. It is a fairly easy process of covering the existing surface with tile, sheet goods or painted refinishing techniques. In just a few hours, you can give your kitchen a brand new look at a fraction of the price of brand new countertops.

6. Hide small appliances. That’s free, right?!? Nothing brings a space down more than clutter on the countertops. Hide away the toasters, blenders, coffee pots, etc…don’t worry, you can take them back out when you need them!

7. Change Lighting. Lighting is key in any space, but can successfully pull an outdated kitchen from drab to fab! Lighting fixtures can be the perfect accessory to your space; much like a great necklace can do for an outfit. Lighting not only brightens a space, but can enhance the mood of the space.

8. Add artwork. The bigger the better- don’t be afraid to add a statement piece in your kitchen. This is an especially great idea for renters.

9. Style and accessorize. Add a great centerpiece on the island or some fresh flowers or new fruit bowl on the breakfast table. Style until your heart is content… but remember, let’s keep it clutter free the kitchen needs to function for daily use.

10. Window Treatments. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a naked window. Add a new shade, soften with fabric- instant update and if you choose can also be a functional upgrade.

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