Virtual Interior Design Services

Now more than ever, home is a place of comfort, safety and refuge. We work, teach our children, eat, play, and sleep within four walls. Our homes protect us, bring us comfort, and give us the confidence we need to tackle whatever life throws our way.

At Urbane Design, we understand the deep importance of our homes in our lives. That is why we are pleased to offer the following virtual services so that you can improve your new or existing space without ever leaving home—because while many aspects of life are paused, your interior design goals don’t have to be.

Virtual Interior Design 

We are uniquely positioned to offer our design services virtually. (Fun fact—we once designed a home all the way in Germany!) Our Virtual Design offering allows you to design your home at your own pace with the guidance of a professional, degreed interior designer. As with all of our projects, our Virtual Design services are tailored to your taste, lifestyle and budget. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the process.

First, fill out our lifestyle questionnaire. It’s important that we collect as much information as possible to ensure we craft a design plan that suits your wants and needs.  We will contact you to get you scheduled.

Next, email us photographs and a floor plan with measurements of each room to be re-designed. Need help measuring your space? Check out our easy measurement guide.

 Together, we will establish the budget, timeframe and direction of the overall design. We will then create a thorough design plan, which will include the following:

  • Concept Board: We understand that one of the biggest challenges in designing your space is visualizing the final product. Our concept board will allow you to see all components in the room in an easy-to-read format.
  • Space Planning: This is a detailed furniture layout drawn to scale (based on the measurements you provide to us), which will reference the Concept Board. This ensures that all of the furniture will fit into the space.
  • Shopping List: A complete shopping list of online and local store resources will reference the Concept Board with clickable links to recommended items to purchase for your new space.

We tackle Virtual Design projects both big and small. Just want help choosing furniture and paint colors? We’d love to help!


To schedule your Virtual Design session, head to our website and fill out our lifestyle questionnaire. We will then be in touch to schedule the rest. 

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of design and placement. It is the idea that everything around you—even your home—possesses an energy that affects your daily life. By changing your surroundings, feng shui allows you to change your life for the better. In some cases, it can be as simple as moving furniture around, changing the colors of your décor, hanging wind chimes and mirrors, or placing items in particular areas of the home (or office). Feng shui is a way of creating harmony between humans and our environment to enhance our overall well-being. Our Principal Designer Jessica Love is a Feng Shui expert, and we are very excited to offer her services via 1-hour Zoom consultations.

Each consultation will focus on one room of your home. To prepare, take photos of the room from every angle. Then, roughly sketch the layout of the room and your home. This doesn’t have to be exact—just something that will give us a bird’s-eye-view of how the room is currently arranged and where windows and doors are located. Please note whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, etc. A key piece of information we’ll need to know is where the north end of your room is. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain in our session!) Before the meeting, email these assets to Jessica Love at

Another key piece of prep will be to think about your lifestyle and how you use the room. Think about the pain points you have—is the room not as functional as you want? Does it not feel inspiring? Could it be more comfortable? Also, think about the current state of your life and relationships. Are you in a relationship that needs improvement? Are you trying to get a promotion at work? This personal information will help us turn the dial on small adjustments that can lead to big improvements in your daily life.

To schedule your Feng Shui consultation, email Principal Designer Jessica Love at and fill out the lifestyle questionnaire on our website.

#AskUrbane Consultations (Furniture and Decor Only)

Many of us are navigating a home life we’ve never experienced before. We are tasked with not only maintaining productivity in our jobs, but also homeschooling and entertaining our children, putting food on the table, and somehow finding time for personal space and reflection. Chances are, your home has taken a new shape, with rooms being converted into office spaces, classrooms and more.  

It can be a daunting task to make your spaces fit all of your needs right now—but our virtual consultations are here to help lighten the load. Need help turning a reading nook into a functional office space? Just #AskUrbane! 

These 1-hour Zoom consultations with our principal designer will teach you ways to breathe new life into a room by repurposing existing furniture, art or accessories, or purchasing affordable new items to be shipped to your home. We will walk you through your options, and you can then make a list of what you wish to purchase and order in your own time.

Preparation for an #AskUrbane consultation is similar to a feng shui consultation. Simply take photos of the space you want to discuss, and sketch the layout of the room. Additionally, we ask that you gather some design inspiration via Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We want to know what kind of design you are drawn to. Please also send us a note with your budget range so we know what kind of parameters we are working within.

To schedule your #AskUrbane session, email Principal Designer Jessica Love at or simply fill out the lifestyle questionnaire and we will contact you to get you scheduled.