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The owners of the Gutherie Remodel moved their family of four from South Africa to Austin with the goal of building a lifelong home to serve as a gathering space for family far and wide. However, they encountered countless roadblocks along the way, and after three unsuccessful attempts at replacing flooring, Urbane Design was hired to give the client the home they had been so desperately trying to achieve. Our team brought a strategic, calculated approach to the client’s remodel so that their home not only looked beautiful, but functioned properly for years to come.

Services offered:
● Full service interior design
● Permit sets
● City Permitting
● One bathroom addition
● Two and a half bathroom remodels
● Interior and exterior specifications
● Garage design
● Lightning and electrical plan
● Windows
● Doors
● Trim
● Finish selections
● Furniture
● Accessories
● Space planning
● Project management

Before the design phase could begin, the Gutherie Remodel required careful, strategic space planning by our team. Previous botched attempts at installing new flooring meant we needed to spend time upfront to troubleshoot problem areas and bring in flooring experts to advise on the best—and most cost efficient—ways to move forward. It was critical to get the job done right on the first try, so our team served as the general contractor for this project, sourcing and managing all subcontractors from our trusted network.

The remodel was intensive; our team replaced windows, installed new flooring on the first floor, remodeled two bathrooms and added a guest room and bathroom—the last of which required relocating their entire HVAC system to make room. Through it all, our team of seasoned project managers kept the client informed and at ease—something they had not experienced with contractors in months past.

A driving force in the design of this home was longevity. The client wanted a design that would stand the test of time for at least ten years. Considering this, we chose brushed nickel finishes in the bathrooms for their durability and classic feel. We steered clear of patterns or colors that could age quickly and instead placed neutral color palettes throughout the home—inviting whites with soft earth tones in the living area, polished black and grey tones in the master bedroom.

This large remodel afforded the client a new home with which their family could grow into and gather. Both sets of grandparents are able to visit comfortably with ensuite bathrooms, and the clients’ two sons are able to coexist easily in larger bedroom and bathroom spaces.

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